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NCRP Report No. 132, Radiation Protection Guidance for Activities in Low-Earth Orbit

NCRP Report No. 132 is a 186 page document with references. It has seven sections with an appendix giving human site-specific radiation risk information and a glossary. An executive summary is given in Section 1. Section 2 introduces the history of space radiation protection standards in the United States and Section 3 describes the radiation environment to be encountered in low-earth orbit. Section 4 provides information on the history of personnel exposures in space. Section 5 discusses in considerable detail the biological effects on humans of the radiations encountered in low-earth orbit. Section 6 recommends radiation protection standards for human activities in low-earth orbit based on current radiation risks estimates. Section 7 provides recommendations for future research that would be expected to improve the bases for recommending radiation protection standards for human space activities.


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